About Us

Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd

Founded in Cyprus in 2018, Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd is behind the redevelopment and operation of the Larnaca Port and Marina area. The project awarded to Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd in 2020, is the largest infrastructure project of its kind in Cyprus.  
Over the next 5 years, the Company envisions to create a unique destination able to serve and accommodate all types of ships, yachts, and businesses, through expansion and modernisation of the existing Larnaca Port and Marina, efficient management of all existing services provided by the Port and, in parallel development of new business activities related to Yachting, Marine, Energy and Real Estate. 
The company’s owners have extensive experience in developing large-scale mixed-use development projects in Europe and the US, expertise in Port and Marina management, as well as large project financing.

Our Values

Our commitment to success and our unique way of interacting with our associates
and clients is reflected through our Company Values


Efficient and reliable service, deliver to the highest standards


Integrate tech-forward technology to meet current needs


Do the right thing, no matter what


Safeguard people and respect the environment


The key to earn employee and client trust 

Our Vision

To establish Larnaca Port & Marina as the number one destination for all types of ships, yachts and businesses in the Eastern Mediterranean while highlighting the character and rich traditions of Cyprus to the world. 

Our Mission

To create long term and sustainable economic activity in Larnaca by developing a unique project that combines mixed-use real estate development with the expansion and upgrading of the existing Larnaca Port and Marina services.

Message from the CEO

On the 4th December 2020 the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has turned the page for Larnaca and in extend our country, by signing the concession agreement with “Kition Ocean Holdings” for the Redevelopment of the existing Port & Marina of Larnaca. A project which will change forever the existing City of Larnaca and create a modern and more exciting Larnaca.

Our aim is to use modern technologies to create a state-of-the-art green Port and a new Marina which will respect the rich history and traditions of our county, the environment and our neighbors. A Port and Marina which will become the anchor of economic prosperity within the City of Larnaca.

As part of this exciting project, we are planning to give a massive face-lift and expand the Larnaca Port & Marina to become one of the most beautiful and efficiently functioning Port & Marina in Eastern Mediterranean.

The new Larnaca Port will offer services able to satisfy the demand, and meet the expectations of all different kind of vessels. Large Cruise Ships, general Cargo vessels, Support vessels, Military Ships and Energy vessels will be able to berth and receive efficient and reliable services as required.

The new Marina will be able to accommodate in excess of 800 yachts of all sizes and will be offering all services needed for the smooth operation, servicing and repairs of such yachts, from little boats to Mega Yachts. 

Last but not least, we are very excited to be given the opportunity to design and develop the largest waterfront Real Estate project ever developed in Cyprus. A mixed-use Real Estate development of more than 300,000 sqm which will include Hotels, Residential accommodation, Luxury villas on the water, Commercial Real Estate, a state-of-the-art Medical Centre, as well as, several Educational facilities.

We anticipate that throughout this project we will be creating directly and indirectly thousands of jobs and will manage to attract all sorts of companies and individuals to set base in Larnaca by relocating their businesses and families here.

With all this in mind, Cypriots, foreigners and tourists alike will be able to live, work, visit, shop, sail and enjoy life all within 10 minutes from the International Airport of Larnaca.

Welcome to the revived City of Larnaca.

Panagiotis Alexandrou
Founder & CEO