Cruise Ship Arrivals to Larnaka Port Resuming

Life returns to Larnaka Port with the resumption of cruise ship arrivals following a two-year suspension of services due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The first passenger ship’s arrival coincides with the new tourist season and a change in management at the port following the undertaking of the integrated Larnaka Marina & Port Development project by Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd.


The first arrival of the season took place today at noon. The Crown Iris cruise ship from Haifa, Israel docked at Larnaka Port carrying 1000 passengers – the first voyage of its scheduled 15 arrivals to the port during the period May-November 2022. A positive note is that a number of its scheduled arrivals will dock overnight at the port and it is estimated that the company will bring 20,000 passengers to Larnaka throughout the season.

Representatives of Larnaka Municipality, Larnaka Tourism Board and Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd welcomed the passengers in a traditional way, greeting them with local delicacies and folkloric music and dance at the dock.

The owner of Mano Maritime Cruises, Mr Moshe Mano, was also honoured for his continued preference of Larnaka as a destination during a meeting that followed on the ship with Larnaka Mayor, Mr Andreas Vyras, Chairman of the Larnaka Tourism Board Mr. Dinos Lefkaritis and founder of Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd, Mr Panos Alexandrou.

It is worth noting that the cruise ships Clio and La Belle De L’Adriatique also plan arrivals to the port within the year, thus further increasing passenger traffic at Larnaka Port. At the same time, coordinated efforts are being made so that Larnaka will be able to maximise its share of the cruise ship tourism sector with the forthcoming upgrades to the port and its vicinity.