European Maritime Day 2022 in Cyprus!

The “European Maritime Day in Cyprus” is an event that celebrates the Sea and is supported by the European Commission. Building on last year’s successful organisation of the European Maritime Day in Larnaca, the CMMI will organise the EMD for a second year. The goal of the “European Maritime Day” is to reconnect youth and people of all ages with the oceans through several interactive, entertaining educational, environmental and artistic activities.

The aim is to organise a series of activities related to the sea and raise awareness on the importance of protecting the sea and the marine environment, as well as promoting ocean literacy. It is worth noting that the “EMD” will be organised in combination with the “Kataklysmos Fair” in Laranca, which is a festival for the sea. The events will take place from 09/06/2022 to 13/06/2022.

You can see the full program of the events here!